Nao Mo Medicine Master Buddha


Medicine Buddha has made a vow to help those who call upon him when ill or injured, and to aid those who revere him to achieve a long and healthy life. As Amitabha is the Buddha of the Pure Land of the Western Paradise, the Medicine Buddha is the Buddha of the Pure Land of the Eastern Paradise.

The mantra of the Medicine Master Buddha Dispels Calamities and Lengthens Life. Devotees recite his mantra, seeking the blessings and compassion of the Medicine Master Buddha to help dispel their karmic obstacles, to free them from sufferings, illnesses and afflictions, and consequently lengthening their lives - hence this is A Mystic Formula for Dispelling Disease and Suffering.

This healing mantra, fervently recited 7 times or 49 times or 109 times depending on the situation - over a glass of plain water is able to relieve or heal a sick person. On such an occasion, the above practice should be done daily (or a few times a day as the situation requires) until the sick person recovers. Devotees who wish to uphold this mantra should sincerely attempt to recite it everyday 3 times, 7 times or according to one's wisdom.



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