Letter from Bois family


Thank you for a wonderful site. I was raised in a strange mixture of Ch'an Buddhism and Chinese and Mongolian folklore. I jokingly refer to it as "lots of ritual and good intent but not much information". I have visited several Buddhist centres in the past few years in my search for answers and it has been a scary experience! I was either made to feel that having sort of been raised as a Ch'an Buddhist somehow made me an inferior species of Buddhist, (Something about Lesser and Greater Vehicles), or that I had to pay a fixed rate for "empowerment" and salvation. I am sure that the intentions at all the places I visited must have been good (or rather, I choose to think so) but it did not feel right.

So finding your site was truly a remarkable thing for me. I felt this light feeling in my chest when I saw the images of Ven. Master Hsu Yun. It is hard to explain, but I had this sense of homecoming of knowing that I had found something important.

Your site makes me feel that It is okay to take small baby steps towards Dharma practice and that I can, with my husband and son, practice as a family.

The teachings and information on your site (especially the audio pronounciation guides), has helped us gently place our feet on the path towards Dharma practise.

Thank you.

The Bois family, Seattle.

P.S. We are not wealthy people but if their is anything that we can do to assist you in our small way, please let me know.

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