Message Maps (Sherli Sutra)

By Y. Chen

Whether or not you are very religious, I encourage you to give the message maps a try. If nothing else, they offer you an opportunity each day to set aside some time and clear your mind. Whether you establish a set routine or just take some time out when able, it's a good break from the craziness of everyday life.

After a long period of struggle, I've had a few things go right in my life since I've started writing them. Whether or not the two are related honestly doesn't matter much to me. You should also realize that it's not some magic cure all that will fix all of your problems. Ultimately, it falls upon you to continue working hard, improving yourself every day, and being ready for any opportunities that come your way.

I continue to work on them a little bit every day and I do my best to focus on refining my personal goals. Some may be more modest, while others are long term milestones, but the process of writing every day helps me to refocus myself. Maybe you will find that they do the same for you.




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