The True Words of Seven Buddhas
for Eradicating Offenses

li pe li pe di chyou he chyou he di two la ni di ni he la di

pi li ni di mwo he chye di jen lin chyan di swo pe he (3x)

[Shiddham Sound]



Spirit Mantra For Rebirth in the Pure Land

na mwo e mi dwo pe ye dwo two chye dwo ye dwo di ye two

e mi li du pe pi e mi li dwo syi dan pe pi

e mi li dwo pi jya lan di e mi li dwo pi jya lan di

chye mi li chye chye nwo jr dwo jya li swo pe he (3x)

[Shiddham Sound]


Mantra for Patching the Flaws in Recitation

Na mo he la da na duo la ye ye qie la qie la ju zhu ju zhu

mo la mo la hu la hong he he su da na hong po mo nu suo po he (3x)

[Shiddham Sound]




Earth Store's basic vows, and comparative causes of virtue,
Crippling illness, physical defects, come from past lives' deeds.
In this life, those who recite Great Vehicle Sutras,
Bring benefits without end, so that
All will surely be reborn from Jeweled Lotus flowers.
Homage to Earth Store Bodhisattva, Mahasattva (3X)



Earth Store Bodhisattva Praise

Earth Store Bodhisattva, wonderful beyond compare;
Gold-hued in his transformation body he appears;
Wondrous Dharma-sounds throughout the Three Paths and Six Realms;
Four Births and Ten Kinds of Beings gain his kindly grace.
His pearl, shining brightly, lights the way to heaven's halls;
Six-ringed golden staff shakes open wide the gates of hell.
Leads on those with causes garnered life and life again;
To bow at the Nine-flowered Terrace of the Honored One.

Namo Earth Store great vows and compassion,
Bodhisattva of the dark and dismal worlds;
On Nine Flower Mountain, Most Honored One,
With Ten Wheels of power you rescue all the suffering ones.
Homage to Earth Store Bodhisattva (circumbulating and reciting)




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